Who we are.

Yalt is a startup created in Lisbon. We develop an app that simplify creating loyalty for small businesses. Our mission is to create communities around local businesses, one stamp at a time.


Our vision

United in our pursuit of community connection, sustainability, and unyielding commitment to innovation, our vision is to revolutionize the realm of loyalty in local commerce. As the architects of a vibrant digital bridge, we strive to transcend the current boundaries of commerce and customer relationship, aiming to reconnect communities with their local restaurants and stores - an essential bond fractured amidst the turmoil of a global pandemic.

We envision a future where our platform not only fuels loyalty and patronage, but also fosters camaraderie, cohesion, and a shared commitment to the prosperity of our local businesses. We are dedicated to empowering each customer, transforming them into champions of their local economies, one reward point at a time.

Standing strong in the face of food waste, we pledge to harness the power of technology to create sustainable solutions that benefit both our planet and its people. We envisage a world where every meal finds a home, not a bin, and where surplus food becomes a resource to nourish the less fortunate, not an emblem of waste.

We are unyieldingly inclusive, consciously ensuring that our platform and its benefits resonate across diverse demographics, fostering an atmosphere of unity and shared prosperity. As young disruptors, we believe in action, not just ideas. Our vision is not merely a dream but a testament to the future we are tenaciously building today. We are here not just to change the game, but to redefine it entirely.

Our mission

Our mission is to leverage technology and foster innovation to redefine loyalty in local commerce. We are committed to building a robust, user-friendly platform that simplifies the management of restaurant loyalty cards, rewards customers for their patronage, and fosters a deeper bond between local businesses and their customers.

Simultaneously, we aim to use our platform as a force for good, actively combating food waste and advocating for the redistribution of surplus meals to those in need. We're dedicated to creating a sustainable food ecosystem that benefits our community, our economy, and our planet.

Inclusivity and action form the core of our mission. We strive to create an environment that is accessible and welcoming to everyone, celebrating diversity within our team and our user base. Our resolve is to not just dream of a better future, but to actively create it, contributing to the resilience and prosperity of local economies, one reward point at a time.

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